Using level 3 car autonomy to enable longer driving for seniors

With the advent of ever more advanced driver assistance technologies, Valeo asked us to rethink the assisted driving experience for the elderly. This HMI project is especially interesting as it is at the intersection of  two extreme cases : The huge quantity of information and signal to digest when driving and, the diminishing confidence and context awareness that seniors experience.

To tackle such a complex project, we built a driving simulator enhanced with all the currently available sensors to level 3 automation. Our simulator was our sandbox to try out how different apparatuses impacted global driver awareness and confidence.

Hardware design

For Adiuvo, we built a car simulator linked to a multitude of hardware devices to test their impact. The car was fitted with :

  • A frame of LED ribbons to signal blind spots and orient the drivers’ awareness.
  • An Eye tracking device, to check for the driver’s awareness and limit the signaling to alerts that have been unnoticed.
  • Virtual side and center mirros in the dashboard to bring the full 360 view of the car directly in the drivers Field of View.

Interfaces and Controls

To offer a fully immersive experience to capture real driver’s feedback, we incorporated all the data and components to a synchronized driving experience. We developed a central app that controlled the simulation as well as all the devices and HMI in order to offer as close to a real situation as possible.

Having a central application allowed us to quickly test for different scenarios and usage case, as well as quickly testing how different solutions altered the drivers’ reactions.

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