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We become active members of your team by taking ownership and responsibility on the challenges and deadlines.

Coming from different backgrounds in design and engineering, we are tech nerds that want to share our skills for impactful, fun and message-carrying projects. Our experience as entrepreneurs has taught us the importance of finding the right partner to get the work done, one that will bring real value and save you a lot of time.

We want to be the partners you can trust with your project, and we do that by being active members of your team, by owning our deliverables and deadlines and by constantly challenging ourselves to do the best work possible… and we will even often exceed expectations, as we just really enjoy what we do !

Thomas Demmer

Electronic and mechanical engineer

Trained as a general engineer, he loves to build stable and reliable hardware infrastructure that can be deployed on the field.

Quentin Perchais

Designer / Developer

Trained as a designer, passionate about code, he likes to be sure that the tools we use are the best fitted to the experience we look for.


Test and Innovation

We will actively support you in your innovation process by keeping a critical mind and challenging your technical choices while also suggesting solutions and improvements.
We are familiar with developing custom test benches to qualify, prototype or stress test solutions.

Fablab | Experts network

Specifications definition

Sometimes projects are really about finding the right piece that fits the requirements, but that can be easier said than done !
We know the importance of component sourcing and will often spend time comparing suppliers and component characteristics to optimize reliability, life-expectancy and costs while still meeting the technical specs.

Farnell | RSonline | Mouser


Hardware design

We have the experience, the tools and the right partners to design, test and produce quality electronic boards (schematics, extensive component sourcing, PCB design and production, prototypes…).
We can also help you in the sizing and prototyping of other parts of your project that require mechanical engineering and product design.

Eagle Schematics | Rhino 3D | Grasshopper | Catia 5

Embedded software

We have strong embedded C++ knowledge to put the required intelligence in your product. We have worked with many types of sensors, protocols and microcontrollers and focus on providing very reliable and optimized code.
Our expertise will help you avoid many issues and build a product or prototype you can trust.

Arduino | Raspberry Pi | ESP32

Interfaces and controls

While we can develop complex low-level code and hardware, we also know how to make it easy to use, to set up and to monitor through custom HMI (Human Machine Interface).
We can develop custom interfaces and web apps to allow real time data display, components health monitoring, direct interaction and other setup.

node-red | react | next.js


IOT Infrastructure

We help you deploy and maintain your IOT projects. We create the right infrastructure so that you can manage your devices remotely, from OTA updates, to fleet management and analytics.

balena | docker | mixpanel

Documentation and maintenance

In order to make sure the project is viable and durable, we make sure to document and use all the right tooling to manage a clean pass over. Be it code, schematics or 3D models, be reassured that you will have access to all the files needed to maintain your project.

github | wikifactory | observable | doxygen

Need help building your projects ?

We can help with that ! Contact us